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A good winter coat will be cherished for a lifetime and will make the great winter outdoors more fun.

The goal of this site is to provide great information about good quality winter coats. There are a lot of winter coats to choose from. Please email tips and advice to

Girl in Fuzzy Winter Coat

Winter Coats Information

Big Box Retailer Winter Coats

A good winter coat is essential for those that live in inclement weather. Do you ever avoid going outside, in the winter? Part of the problem, for many people, is that their winter coat is of low quality. Most of the coats sold, in America, are sold at big box retailers. The big box stores focus on low price and high profit margins. You may get something of lower cost, but is there real value?

Most of these low priced coats are filled with polyester fiberfill. This type of fiberfill is bulky. The coat will actually puff out and make some people look like penguins. It is sometimes funny. The other thing about the fiberfill is that it isn't that warm. The fiberfill will reduce the cold especially with something that breaks the wind. What it won't do is to keep you completely warm.

How most people wear their winter coat is to get from the house and then to the car. They may also use the coat to get from the store and then to the car and then to their home. In effect, people are using the winter coat to break a bit of the chill, but are still avoiding being outdoors. This is all part of having a low quality winter coat.

Good Quality Winter Coats

Fortunately, there are some good winter coats manufactured for people that love the outdoors. These coats use superior materials like Goretex, Thinsulate, Down, and Nylon. They will let the body perspirate and yet are waterproof. They are often less bulky than their cheaper counterparts and they are warmer and better looking. Some of the top winter coats are a little longer and come up a little higher in the neck to shut out wind. In addition, good winter coats have interchangeable liners. They will often have fur around the hood to break the wind and keep the cold weather out. The coldest weather coats will allow the hood to practically cover the entire face so only a small hole is available. This allows to keep cold weather winds out. The cold weather coats will also hug at the wrists and the waist to keep out the cold snow.

Having a good winter coat will bring many years of satisfaction. You will find that you enjoy spending more time outdoors and less time rushing to get to the car or house. If you can afford it, it is totally worth it to buy a really good winter coat.






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