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A good winter coat will be cherished for a lifetime and will make the great winter outdoors more fun.

The goal of this site is to provide great information about good quality winter coats. There are a lot of winter coats to choose from. Please email tips and advice to

Girl in Fuzzy Winter Coat

Winter Coats

Do your children have warm winter coats? Do your children stay inside to avoid the cold weather? Do you avoid the cold weather?

The importance of a good warm winter coat cannot be overstated. Many people try and skimp by without a real winter coat. What happens is that these people avoid going outdoors for much of the winter. It is not good for you to just sit indoors all winter. You do not get any sunlight or have as much fun.

When you walk outside with your coat on, do you feel immediately cold and stay that way? Do you always feel slightly chilled? The problem is often that people get poor quality coats. There are so many people that get coats that are polyfiber fill. The coat may be rated for 50 degrees farenheight (not good), but if you ask anyone what their coat is rated to, most people will have no idea. The only thing that people know is that it is too cold to be outdoors.

What happens is that manufacturers realize how consumers shop. There is more money in producing a winter coat that isn't very warm than to produce a high quality one. Why? People do not want to pay a lot of money for a coat. Retailers know the prices that consumers are willing to go for and produce the cheapest coat that will meet consumers needs. The result is that there are a lot of poor quality coats on the market that aren't very warm. Sadly, consumers are informed of how warm the coat is at purchase and many are dissatisfied.

One of the results is a throwaway winter coat culture. How many winter coats have you owned? Some of the good military coats that cost the government less than $200.00 are built well enough to last a lifetime and do a good job of keeping you warm. What most people have is a closet full of coats and none of them are very warm. Then, people will replace the coats all the time because they aren't really satisfied with them.

Buying a Quality Winter Coat Will Save You Money

In light of going green, it is a sin to waste things. You will save much more money and be much more happier to have one good coat that works well, than to have a whole bunch of coats that are inferior. It is a nuisance to have lots and lots of coats that you never wear. In almost every house in the US, you can find several coats that haven't been worn for decades. The reason is that coats are somewhat expensive and people don't want to throw them out.

Instead of getting a lot of coats, save up some money and buy something of real quality. You will be able to have a nice winter coat that lasts for your whole life. You can clean out the closet and have room for something else.

How to Recognize a Warm Winter Coat

A really warm winter coat will often have fur around the hood. The length will be just above the knee. The insulation will most likely be down. The coat will probably come with liners that can be worn separately as a jacket. The coat will have a rating as to how cold it can keep you warm. A good winter coat will be waterproof. In addition, if that's not enough, a good winter coat should be fashionable, have lots of nice pockets, and be comfortable. You can actually find all of these traits in some of the high end parkas.

Getting a Great Winter Coat Without a Lot of Cash

A lot of people simply can't afford a good coat. That is why they wear a polyfiber Wal-Mart coat and replace if every couple of years. A lot of people save money by dressing in lots of layers. A good pair of long johns can also make you pretty warm without spending a lot of money on a winter coat.

One way to get a good coat without a lot of money, is to buy used Army and Navy clothing. The N3B coat is legendary for being warm. It is rated to -60 degrees farenheight. You can find one of these coats for less than fifty dollars and be as warm as an eight hundred dollar coat.

There are also good used coats called the M51 and the M65 that were made for the Korean War. They are most often referred to as fishtails. They can't handle as extreme conditions as the N3B, but they ar e rated to handle as low as 14 degrees farenheight. The good thing about the fishtail is that it allows you to add lots of layers and is good at keeping out the wind. A good winter coat must keep out all the wind. If you feel any wind coming through your winter coat, you can be sure that you need an upgrade.

Stylish Winter Coats

The shearling coats are one of the most stylish winter coats. These are the coats with a brown or black leather outer and sheep wool on the inner. People love to feel the soft sheep wool. In addition these coats look great. The look is for upscale casual.

The finest or most professional looking coats are long, like trenchcoats, and are made of wool. Wool can be made from long fibers and drapes extremely well. Wool will keep you warm even if it gets wet. Wool will always be a favorite choice for people. Herringbone and houndstooth check are some of the best wool patterns available, as far as fashion is concerned.

Another style that is popular for teenagers are hoodies. Hoodies are not as warm, but they aren't bulky. Hoodies can be worn in class and taken everywhere. Hoodies can even be worn as shirts. A lot of kids like to wear a hoodie underneath a windbreaker for really cold days and just a hoody for cool days. The popularity of hoodies is staggering. Do you realize that most teenagers have at least six or seven hoodies in their closet?

Fur coats look great on women. If you have seen Seinfeld, you may realize how funny guys can look in a real fur coat. Most real fur coats are so puffy and just don't really look great for a guy. However, manufacturers sell real fur coats for men and women.

Many people like the mink fur coat because the mink coat is so soft and luxurious. However, there are other winter coat options to consider. Some of the most popular types of fur are beaver, coyote, wolf, and rabbit. Beaver is ever as good as mink. Beaver fur is extremely thick and soft. Coyote fur and wolf fur is known for not allowing ice to build up on the fur. Rabbit fur drapes a lot better than other furs and comes in a lot more colors.

Faux fur is a lot more popular nowadays because it is not only cheaper, but a lot of people object to the fur trade. There are organizations, like Peta, that think that it is unethical to wear fur. In 1965, the Army replaced the fur around their parka hoods with faux fur instead of fox or wolf fur.

Final Tips

The countries with the coldest weather make the warmest coats. It is a good idea to get a warm coat from either Canada, Alaska, or Russia. If you want to stay warm, try and get a winter coat with down insulation, waterproof Goretex outer, and a fleece liner. It is a good idea to get warmer than what you need. You can always take the liner out or unzip the coat.






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